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Business Asset Protection

Are your assets sufficiently protected in the event of legal action?

Ensure you, your family and your company are protected from the banks, the ATO and frivolous creditors by using our proven asset protection advisory service.

We have many years experience in structuring businesses to protect your family home, investment assets, and business assets. We start with a meeting to determine your personal needs and goals; following this BSC Business Advisors will propose practical and understandable advice to keep your assets safe and in your hands.

By using proven, successful methods such as the implementation of trusts we are able to help you place your assets out of the reach of creditors. If you have a business with a lot of value in equipment, machinery, or intellectual property you should talk to someone immediately about asset protection – holding these separate from the trading entity is a must and we’re happy to help.

BSC Business Advisors can help you by:

  • Protecting your income
  • Protecting your assets
  • Protecting your business ownership
  • Protecting your business’ revenue
  • Restructuring your assets and minimising CGT impact
  • Providing access to business and personal insurance experts.
  • Maximising control and minimising liability

What Our Clients Say:

“We engaged John Benson to advise us on setting up our new business and how to protect our assets. John took the time to understand our needs, our current position and what we were working towards for the future. He then gave us excellent advice on how to move forward and a structured plan on what we do in the short and long term.

We found John very knowledgable, personable and most of all credible in his advice and approach. We are thrilled to have John and his team looking after our family and business needs and feel confident that it will be a long term relationship of trust and professional advice.”

– Jay & Marissa Marschke – JAM Advertising

Our asset protection and estate planning varies considerably depending on your personal position – we can set up a basic solution for simple assets or delve into advanced options such as Estate Planning, Discretionary Trusts, Unit Trusts or Family Trusts to help protect you from the risks of small business life.

An added bonus of this type of business structuring is that you’re able to distribute wealth to beneficiaries that may be on lower tax rates – this means money can be passed down to your family members with minimal taxation.

Are your assets protected in the event of legal action?

Fill in the form to your right and one of our friendly asset protection experts will get in contact with you for a complimentary analysis of your asset exposure.

Business Mentor Service

Is your business performing as well as it should?

Here at BSC Business Advisors, we’re not just bean counters. We’re bean farmers.

We’ve worked with highly divergent companies and industries all across Australia and investigated what makes them succeed, and, conversely, what makes some companies stagnate. An accountant’s unfettered access to the financial documents and cashflow position of a company means that our experienced team at BSC Business Advisors have seen it all before. We’re in a unique position to help you and your business, based on proven results!

One of the most valuable services we offer is practical and understandable business advice, perfected over our access to the inner workings of scores of successful companies Australia-wide.

We know that long term security can be attained for your company and we’re here to help – our work is high quality, cost effective, efficient, and easily actionable.

Here are just some of the things BSC Business Advisors can help you with:

  • Practical and understandable business advice to help you succeed professionally.
  • Insurance – our network of insurance professionals will help ensure you’re covered.
  • Choosing the business structure which is right for your personal circumstances.
  • Bookkeeping – our simple systems will help you shave hours off your company’s admin time.
  • Providing actionable strategies to help you implement our advice.
  • Gaining an accurate view of your current cashflow and financial position.
  • Minimising legal risks by structuring your business correctly.
  • Regular follow-ups to discuss progress or any issues you might have.

What Our Clients Say:

“I would recommend BSC without hesitation. The team are approachable and provide professional advice delivered in easy to understand language. Most importantly the response time to queries is almost immediate. The level of service is exceptional.”

– Ann Walker, OJ Pippin Homes, Finance Manager

Get started with our complimentary advice offer

At BSC Business Advisors, we know every business is different and we strive to provide personalised advice and service to each one of our clients. That’s why we start with a complimentary advice session to gain an understanding of your current personal and professional position.

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