Setting Goals and Seizing Opportunities in 2021

Think back to December last year. What predictions did you make for 2020?

Few could have forecast what this year had in store—and few businesses have been left unaffected.

For some, 2020 has been a boom year due to increased demand for products and/or reduced competition. For many more, however, the COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatically negative impact.

Whether your 2020 has been a boom or bust, now is the time to consider your goals for the year ahead. Let’s examine what goals businesses should consider during these testing times. 

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BSC Expands to the Gold Coast

It’s already November, which for many businesses means looking ahead to Christmas closures and the looming silly season. For others, the end-of-year period is a time to reflect on business goals, and what still needs to be achieved in 2020, before starting to plan for the new year.

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How will the 2020 Federal Budget affect your business?

Globally, 2020 has been an extraordinary year. For much of the world, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been catastrophic, causing one of the most severe economic crises since the Great Depression.

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Jobkeeper Extension

Extended Scheme – 13 more fortnights

The current job keeper schemes ended on 27th September 2020.

Job Keeper 2.0 starts 28th September 2020 to 28th March 2021. 

It is made up of two Extension periods:

  1. 28th September 2020 to 3rd January 2021
  2. 4th January 2021 to 28th March 2021
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COVID-19 Business Recovery

Shifting focus from business survival to resilience

Business survival is front and centre in 2020, but astute businesses are shifting their focus to resilience. There has been much to do to adapt to living and working throughout the COVID-19 crisis and now is the time to start planning for the future. Here are some ideas that will give your business the best chance of thriving when the crisis is finally declared under control and we start getting back to ‘normal’.

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